Georgina Bloomberg on Soda Ban: ‘People Should Be Allowed to Make Their Own Bad Choices’


In the week or so since Mayor Bloomberg unveiled his plan to ban the sale of unnecessarily large sweetened beverages, the local media has been flush with rants from deli-cart owners, Coca Cola execs, and Joe Blow on the street. Which is hardly surprising. But Bloomberg might not have expected to some of the criticism to come from his own family "His intentions are good. And, it’s the kind of thing that the public will thank him for in twenty years," the mayor's 29-year-old daughter, Georgina, told us at a cocktail soiree hosted by Stefano Tonchi for Gucci’s Frida Gianni last night. "However," she continued, "people should be allowed to make their own bad choices."
Bloomberg the Younger suggested that her father adopt a more market-based approach to fighting obesity. "Ideally," she said, "he would lower the cost of healthy food instead of banning unhealthy food. If people were able to afford to eat nutritious food, I think they would make better choices."
As for her? "I really like Fresca," she said.
If we all were Billionaires then we could be this arrogantly stupid and people would listen to us. If they really cared about the people... and they don't... they'd allow people to buy what they want on the free market and the money would go towards marketing healthy lives. Feminist progressives like this girl don't really care. The men are pissed... and they want to smoke a J and these Democrats have made K2 illegal... Legalize Marijuana already! Stop picking on the working guy. You know your Dad is trying to make it harder for someone to share a bottle of Coke. You are trying to make NYC an upscale playground for people like you and your Dad. Do you really think NYC has the money to subsidize healthy food? I pray to G-d that her ilk will not be running the country. Yeah... the country club is full of elitists... and they sometimes have big mouths.

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