"ISRAEL'S STAUNCHEST ALLY" - Obama now Calls Israel’s Government “Extreme”!

(other)"ISRAEL'S STAUNCHEST ALLY" - Obama now Calls Israel’s Government “Extreme”!(BB).Weeks before George Washington’s historic letter to the Jewish community goes on display at the National Museum of American Jewish History, President Obama received a copy of the document from a delegation of Orthodox rabbis and communal leaders visiting the White House [...] To the small group attending the meeting, Obama said there should be no doubt about his “fidelity” to Israel, adding a request to understand that disagreements do not necessarily impact the friendship between the nations. When asked what lesson he had learned from attempts to broker an Israeli–Palestinian accord, the President responded that his key takeaway is that “it’s really hard” and that trying to get the parties to agree entails great potential for misunderstanding. Obama attempted to dispel the notion that he had pressured Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu unfairly and said that his administration was, in fact, “more attentive” to Israel than to the Palestinians. The President described Israel’s government as having been extreme right and said that Netanyahu, just like any other world leader, does not want “any restraints,” and does not want to be seen as a weak leader.Hmmmm.....Apparently wanting to ensure your country makes you 'extreme' in Obama's eyes?Read the full story here.
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