The 'settler violence' canard

(Carl)Look what being nice got the revenants of Gush Katif - seven years homeless and counting for many of them, not to mention that the land they vacated became a terror base. So the government needs a different straw man to whom they can attribute violence in advance, and the residents of Yitzhar are convenient whipping boys for that purpose.
Particular concern is with the settlement of Yitzhar which has seen an increase in violence in recent months between settlers and Palestinians. As a result, the Judea and Samaria Division has beefed up the number of troops stationed in the area to prevent future acts of violence.
“The pending evacuations could lead to an increase in settler violence,” a defense official said.
The IDF fears that radical right-wing activists will embark on a series of so-called “price tag” attacks against Palestinians in an effort to derail the government’s plans to evacuate the Ulpana as well as two other outposts – Amona and Givat Assaf.
How's that for a straw man? Oh yes, there's one other thing the government did: They invited a terror attack on Yitzhar.
Last week, the IDF confiscated a number of weapons from members of the Yitzhar settlement's rapid response team following two incidents during which they opened fire at Palestinians in violation of military regulations.
That's great. The people of Yitzhar are unprotected, and the government is advertising it. Brilliant.(MORE)

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