ALMOST DEAD: "The Village Voice"

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New York City is one quarter Jewish. Its culture reflects it's Jewish character. One would think a city that is 1/4 Jewish and influential would have an "Alternative" newspaper that reflected the values of it's readers.... and yet the Village Voice became a conglomerate that dictated internationalist Pro Palestinian values. When a paper fails to appeal to it's readers and starts dictating the values of an aggressive oppression culture like Leftism and Islamic loyal political slants to free thinking New Yorkers, don't you think it is hysterical that the management can't figure out why their paper didn't make money? It isn't just intriguing. It's pathetic that people in the media really thought they would push these values in New York.

( Alt-weeklies are always dying. But the news Friday that four editorial staffers were laid off or had their hours cut to part-time at The Village Voice — two features writers, a news blogger and a listings editor — makes the sad fact of that paper’s eventual demise, evident for years, more immediate. The paper now has one news blogger, two features writers, a music editor, a few people working on listings and one critic, aided by a couple contributors, writing about food.
The rest of the article is predictable. They blame management and fail to realize how out of touch with working people the newspaper is. It is the editorial that was the problem, not internet strategy. They might have even made money off prostitution for a while longer had they not backed just about every liberal fascist. it isn't internet strategy or business decisions that leads to media demise... it's the fact that the media isn't in touch with the working people and their needs. The left is dead. It's been dead for a while. It was on life support with the Palestine crowd, but the lies have been exposed there too... and so went the readers.
You can't save even a feminist rag with prostitution I guess.

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