Woman allegedly attacked man because she hates men

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. (abc) -- A woman in Westchester County is facing hate crime charges.
Police say she attacked a 75-year-old man just because she didn't like men.
Unprovoked! Gregory Padilla says he didn't do anything to deserve this and that the woman attacked him with a rock this big leaving a giant welt on his back the size of a tennis ball.
"(Oh yeah, there's a big bump there, does it hurt?) Little bit," said Gregory Padilla, assault victim.
The 75-year-old victim says he just minds his business and walks his dogs.
He says when the 33-year-old Latisha Holloman, whom he doesn't know, came after him near the elevator she was screaming she hates men.
"She just said, 'I'm a lesbian, a lesbian, a lesbian, I hate men!' Never seen her before," Padilla said.
"She threw a rock at his back was yelling how she hates men and how she'd kill a man who even looked at her," said Captain Joseph Schaller, New Rochelle Police.
What do neighbors think about the hate crime charge?
"That's crazy, something happened to her as a child," one person said.
"She's sick, terribly sick woman," another said.
Neither neighbors nor the police can think of a case in which a woman has been charged with a hate crime for allegedly saying she hated men, but it will make a big difference if she's found guilty.
"The hate crime elevates it to a C grade felony that carries 6-15 years," Schaller said.
If convicted Holloman could face twice that time.

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