Designer Loses Award Over Anti-Semitic Tirades

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France's President Francois Hollande
France's President Francois Hollande
(Image Reuters/ Israel National News)French President Francois Hollande stripped British fashion designer John Galliano, who was convicted last year of making anti-Semitic remarks, of France’s prestigious Legion d’Honneur award.
Galliano, 51, was involved in two drunken episodes in a small Paris bar and restaurant. His anti-Semitic remarks, some of them caught on video, led to his conviction last year on charges of “public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity.”
In February 2011, Galliano berated a museum curator about being Jewish and uttered racial insults at her friend, who is of South Asian origin.
The court also saw a video of Galliano, the previous November, declaring his love for Adolf Hitler.
Galliano blamed his outbursts on addictions to drugs and alcohol.
Hollande, elected in May, has been outspoken in condemning anti-Semitism and crimes against Jews committed by the French police under Nazi occupation.
The Legion d'Honneur is France's highest award and is given to individuals who have served France and its ideals.
it is a start. It won't bring back Jewish citizens that were murdered in France because of the lie of Multiculturalism... but it is a start. Some Cultures are superior to others. That isn't racism... and you enable hate when you deny that some cultures are hateful. The fashion world is as a whole a very sick culture.

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