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Remember when Christiane Amanpour aka @AmanpourCNN blood libel tweeted that Israel was only in Haiti for organs? Well it seems some Puerto Rican doctors took her seriously and copied the idea.
...This is what @AmanpourCNN said via Haiti's Prime Minister just told me he has reports confirming child & organ trafficking happening here in Haiti now.

Global controversy over photos showing a group of Puerto Rican physicians who traveled to Haiti after the earthquake, in festive attitude, with bottles of whiskey, guns and even carrying a chainsaw in the middle of an operation.

This is not journalism. Christiane Amanpour is attempting to spread blood libel on CNN. She should be fired if this turns out to be false

Essentially there was an international black market that effected the whole world and the only ones who are blamed are the Israeli Government that had nothing to do with it, but that didn't stop these Puerto Ricans from throwing a drunken party.
The embarrassment was heightened by the fact that the doctors’ mission was coordinated by Puerto Rico’s Senate.
The commonwealth’s Medical Board called an emergency meeting of its ethics board for Friday afternoon and said it would immediately begin an investigation into whether the doctors involved should be disciplined.
Puerto Rico Secretary of Health Lorenzo Gonzalez called the episode “a sad situation.”
“The poor judgment of a few basically damages the beautiful effort that many others have put in place in terms of providing good medical care,” Gonzalez said. “When I saw the pictures, I was very concerned that they have taken pictures of people without any consent.”
Some of the photos, which were posted on the social networking site Facebook, show smiling doctors holding guns or toasting each other, bottles of scotch or other alcohol in their hands. Others show medical personnel in what appears to be a clinic, grinning as they attend to patients. Another shows a quake victim on a hospital bed, naked from the waist down except for a thin strip of cloth covering the genitals.
“You can’t ever take pictures of patients if you don’t have a written agreement and much less publish photos of patients half-nude,” Medical Board President Eduardo Ibarra told CNN. “This is a clear violation of the Hippocratic oath we take as medics. We’re going to take all the measures possible to correct this.”
Days after the January 12 quake tore through Haiti, the Puerto Rico Senate announced it would oversee sending more than 100 doctors to set up a field hospital near the town of Jimani, just across the southern Dominican border from Haiti. The town has been flooded with Haitians injured in the quake, seeking medical help unavailable at home.
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