Hitler Nearly Drowned As Child... Catholic Priest Saved Him (and you thought Pious XII was bad)

(Libra Bunda)THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: Adolf Hitler nearly drowned when he was four years-old but was saved by a local priest, historians have claimed.
Newspaper clippings have emerged detailing how a child – who experts believe was Adolf Hitler – was rescued from the River Passau, Germany, in January 1894.
The infant is not named in the article, which was uncovered in a German archive, but it matches a story recounted by priest Max Tremmel in 1980. He said his predecessor Johann Kuehberger told him he had rescued Hitler when the Nazi leader was a child. Residents of Passau, where Hitler grew up, also claimed the priest's story was true.
The account of the incident remained uncorroborated until recently when the article emerged. » | Amy Willis | Friday, January 06, 2012
WOCHENBLATT: Was wäre, wenn Hitler 1894 in Passau ertrunken wäre? : Als vierjähriger Junge wohnte Hitler in der Kapuzinerstraße in der Innstadt. Im gleichen Haus wohnte der spätere Passauer Domkapellmeister Johann Kühberger, der viele Jahre später seinem Nachfolger Max Tremmel berichtet haben soll, dass er als Junge den kleinen Adolf vor dem Ertrinken im Inn gerettet habe. » | Mittwoch 04. Januar 2012
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