(UPDATED) Still Not Dead - Jimmy Carter blames the Jooos for Christian exodus from "Palestine"


(EOZ) I wonder how he explains all the Christians leaving Egypt, Iraq, and every other Muslim-majority area? It's got to be Israel's fault somehow; I mean, what else could all those Christian populations have in common? And the fact that Israel's own Christian population is increasing is just more evidence for Israel's evil. You see, they are nice to some Christians in order to cover their seething hate for Christians. Call it "crosswashing." It is so obvious, once you know how the sickening Israeli mind works, right? Luckily Jimmy is an expert.(h/t jzaik)
(sarcasm) Yeah, he's an honest broker (/sarcasm) ...Jimmy Carter meets with his soul mates of the Muslim Brotherhood. More here. (blazingcatfur) h/t Carl

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