Islamic Jihad more powerful than Hamas?

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Media_httpuploadwikim_lhixf(EOZ) Islamic Jihad may have the edge on Hamas in weaponry in Gaza, according to Israeli military intelligence sources quoted by Israel's Channel 10.
According to the article, Islamic Jihad rocket have a range of 74 km.
Sources say that Iran is supplying the group with sophisticated weapons and with training through Hezbollah, who have a presence in Gaza. They add that Islamic Jihad is surpassing Hamas' weaponry both in quality and quantity.
If Hamas loses control of Islamic Jihad, it could inflame the entire area and lead to another war.
It is a sad state of affairs when the anti-semitic, relentlessly terrorist and philosophically genocidal Hamas is considered the most reliable and peaceful group in an area.
A rocket with a 74 km range which would easily reach Tel Aviv - and even Jerusalem. In fact, if the targeting is accurate, they could conceivably attack Jewish communities in parts of Judea, such as Efrat.
(h/t Yoel)

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