Rape is because of rapist who happens to be a MUSLIM who is told of his right to RAPE!

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The New York Times recently ran an article on Sweden, much of it on the city of Malmo. That place has a high proportion of Muslim residents some of whom have become so militant that the city’s Jews have reportedly fled due to harassment. The Swedish mayor said that he didn’t want racist movements like Zionism in the city.
The attack on Lara Logan
in Cairo two weeks ago
was carried out by Muslims
who believed it was their
religious duty
you want it like this?
There have been many reports of increased lawlessness as areas of Swedish cities where immigrants from the Middle East live have become no-go areas for the authorities. Sweden is also facing an epidemic of rapes, anti-Jewish incidents (including a mob attack on an Israel-Sweden tennis game and an assault by a Muslim on a Jewish youth soccer team), violent leftist attacks on conservatives, and official crackdowns on freedom of speech.
Why, of course, that the
big problem in Sweden is Islamophobia!
...more like PERVERTS!
So the Times interviewed a couple of people including the mayor of Malmo—no mention of his anti-Jewish activities—and an anti-Israel professor from the Social Democratic party.
And what did the article conclude?

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