Look at this F-ing Aerialist on the Williamsburg Bridge

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Oh, what are you doing today? You what? You are quitting your job as a barista for that really trendy local coffee shop? AND you’re giving up on your dreams of being a graphic designer for that small firm whose art you really liked? Okay. Well what are you going to do to survive? How will you pay your bills?You are going to what?
I must not have heard you correctly. You are going to become an Aerialist? Do you even have any training?
I see. And are you going to start training in gyms? Find some classes?
Oh. No. You are just going to climb the Williamsburg Bridge and do some tricks? Why would you risk your life like that?
Ah. Because the cute boy with all those tattoos at the coffee shop called you a sell out. Nice to know you!

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