Victorious Lebanese Cage Fighter Brandishes Hizbullah Flag in the U.S. - Naharnet

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Social networking websites were buzzing Wednesday with supportive and critical comments about a video showing Lebanese cage fighter Mohammed Ali victoriously brandishing a Hizbullah flag after delivering the knockout punch to his foe in the 11th Cage Fighting Championship held in the U.S.
Ali shouted “Ya Hussein (O Hussein)”, invoking the blessings of 7th century Shiite saint, Imam Hussein, before serving the final blow.
The video then shows the Lebanese warrior’s entourage jubilantly entering the cage and one of them handing him the flag of Hizbullah, which is classified as a “terrorist organization” by Washington.
Afterwards, Ali triumphantly raises the flag and waves it to the cheering spectators present at the arena.

Why is anyone shocked? Hezbollah is the government in Lebanon. It is only the West that pretends otherwise so that they can spend tax dollars on giving these guys weapons.

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