The TRUE meaning of Thanksgiving


Does this seem unreal? Well so is your politically correct version of Thanksgiving
...This holiday I'd like to really celebrate Thanksgiving. Many people think it is a holiday that is about thanking the aborigine people of America for teaching us how to survive. This version of the holiday is a fiction. While it is true that the Pilgrims left England to escape religious persecution from the church of England, we fail to understand  the details. They didn't go directly to America. They first went to Holland where they had freedom, but there was a threat that the Catholics would conquer and so the free market that was there in Holland and Amsterdam was under threat.  The free market is what created the wealth and tolerance for the Dutch.   The Catholic church did not want that type of tolerance. Today the Catholic church has sided with Occupy Wall Street and is against the free market again, just like they were when the Pilgrims, Jews and Protestants of Holland were threatened back in the seventeenth century, who were part of this upper middle class.  The Catholics wanted centralized control. They wanted to return to the hierarchy of a very socialist church. The pilgrims escaped to America and once there decided to have a feast to celebrate the end of a church season. This was the time of year when people spent a lot of time praying and at the end of all the ritual (which let's face it is a huge waste of time and has little to do with freedom), they had a feast. Which was customary. Savages showed up at the feast and rather then face death the pilgrims decided to charm them by asking them to join their feast. So Thanksgiving is not about giving thanks to the Indians. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to G-d for helping them fool the savages into having a good party. The idea that the Indians were invited or that the feast was even the Indian's idea is a fiction. The Pilgrims survived and were able to build up their reserves so that they could protect themselves better so that they could eventually conquer (not exactly about freedom either). This conquering led to a lot of problems later... and that would be more market intervention.  The Holiday as we know it today was created by FDR and is an example of government intervention in the market. Previously the feast as we know it today was declared on different dates by the President. It should be noted that FDR created a lot of inflation by all his futzing around with the market and by the middle of the 20th century America had nearly all it's cities burned down by minorities that were supposedly abused by the free market (actually no it was Socialism that was the problem). ...and that is what Thanksgiving means to me. ...and now Today:
(Barry Rubin)...the rich and greedy take advantage by exploiting their connections with government to get bailouts, subsidies, and special treatment. Thus, building up government even further has the exact opposite effect that it did a century ago.

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