Meghan McCain Officially Joins MSNBC

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( “I couldn’t more be excited to be joining the MSNBC family,” said McCain in a statement. “It’s a unique opportunity to share my perspective as a Republican on a network I respect and have built a relationship with over the past two years.”
huh? I liked her Dad, but she ain't her Dad. Anything on MSNBC... I don't care what they call label it... is crap or annoying. It got so annoying... that I don't even watch it... or have found any reason to mention it. CNN is crap too, but I have to mention them. This station is so irrelevant that it isn't even offensive. I can watch Rachel Maddow and laugh my head off. It isn't even stressful because I know what to expect... though I do admit I get bored and change the channel pretty fast. So this is where Meghan wants to go? She blinks a lot... don't she?

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