69 - 70% of JEWS in Florida WILL VOTE FOR OBAMA?!

a little hint: old Jews watch too much television and don't read blogs. Obamulke2012
(Boker Tov) Are you kidding me?!
According to an American Jewish Committee (AJC) poll released Thursday... A total of 69% of Florida Jews said they would vote for Obama in November’s presidential elections,down from an estimated 76% in 2008.
I cannot understand why ANY Jew would vote for Obama (or for any other Democrat). After the DNC tried to expunge Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem from their party platform? and then offended the entire Judeo-Christian World by booing Gd and Jerusalem? After Obama refused to meet with Bibi?
When Never Again is NOW?

Perhaps concerned by a recent drop in support among Jewish voters, particularly in Florida, President Barack Obama toughened his rhetoric on Iran at a campaign event on Thursday.
The president pledged that he would not allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon, implying that he would use military force in order to prevent such an outcome.
Obama explicitly pledged "not to allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon," and cited two reasons for this: First, the threat presented to the U.S. by a nuclear Iran. Second, the need to prevent "a nuclear arms race in the region," which America "can’t afford."
Nonetheless, the president made it clear that his administration is "not done" with negotiations, and said that he wanted "to lead with diplomacy" and "our values and our ideals."
Bibi risk

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