Obama administration warns Israel: Egypt and Jordan will abrogate treaties if there's an Israeli strike on Iran

(Carl)The Obama administration has reportedly warned Israel that Egypt and Jordan will abrogate their treaties with the Jewish state if it attacks Iran's nuclear facilities.
The US has recently warned Israel that an Israeli strike on Iran will likely cause Egypt and Jordan to annul their peace agreements with Israel and sever ties, according to a senior Israeli official quoted by the Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth on Thursday.
“These days, Arab leaders don’t rule their people. Rather, the street rules its leaders,” the official was quoted as saying. “An Israeli strike is exactly what the Iranians need: the entire Arab and Muslim street will go out to demonstrate.”
The Israeli official reportedly linked between the anticipated Arab reaction to an Israeli strike and the current rage-fueled wave of anti-Western protests in the wake of the publication of a trailer for a new film, “Innocence of Muslims,” that denigrates Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.
“What we’ve been seeing with the anti-Muhammad film is nothing but a preview for what’s going to happen if Israel attacks,” the official was quoted as saying.
Obviously, I have no way of knowing whether the US issued such a warning or whether the warning itself had a basis other than the imaginations of Obama, Clinton and the State Department.  But if the State Department actually received warnings to that effect, they are morons to use those warnings to threaten Israel. What they ought to be doing instead is to be warning both Egypt and Jordan that (a) if they abrogate their treaties with Israel, they can kiss every last dollar of US aid good bye, meaning that the Egyptians, at least, will starve, and (b) they should be warning Egypt and and Jordan that if they abrogate their treaties, there will never again be a treaty between Israel and any Arab or Muslim entity and their beloved 'Palestinians' can permanently kiss their state reichlet good bye.
what side is Obama on?

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