Bill Clinton Fails To Hold Egyptian President To Account.


Video - Bill Clinton Fails To Hold Egyptian President To Account.(GMBR).During the closing plenary session at the 2012 meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, former President Bill Clinton failed to hold Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to account for the anti-Semitic and anti-U.S. incitement engaged in over the years by both Dr. Morsi and the EgyptianMuslim Brotherhood. At time 55:03 in the video of the session, Mr. Clinton seem to be about to ask Dr. Morsi about this incitement but ended up remarking only that the “fairly large” number of Jews in the audience were among those who wished him well and wanted him to succeed.
The GMBDR wonders how many of the Jews in the audience would have wished Dr. Morsi well knowing that in 2004 he said that the “Quran has established that the Jews are the ones in the highest degree of enmity towards Muslims” and that “there is no peace with the descendants of the apes and pigs”.Read the full story here. Video here.
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