'Experts': Only the US can destroy Iran's nuclear capability

If you can only stall Iran for two years then you bomb them multiple times and cause a lot more casualties. If this is the humane war that Obama wants then he can get it. Problem solved!

(Carl) Another group of 'experts' has come out with a report claiming that only the United States can destroy Iran's nuclear capability. Israel, say the 'experts,' can at best hope to delay Iran for a year or two.
According to the study published in September, only the United States has the capacity to both deliver the explosive payloads needed in the initial strike and effectively carry out follow-up strikes based on continued near-real-time intelligence.
"The US would be the only country that has the air power, support capability, and mix of sea‐air forces in the Gulf to continue a sustained campaign over a period of time and restrike after an initial battle damage assessment [if] it is found that further strike sorties are required," the report said.
"Israel does not have the capability to carry out preventive strikes that could do more than delay Iran’s efforts for a year or two," the report said, adding, "a strike by Israel on Iran will give rise to regional instability and conflict as well as terrorism. The regional security consequences will be catastrophic."
The initial strike, CSIS said, would aim to take out Iran's heavily-fortified uranium enrichment and research facilities and ballistic missile sites.
Iran would not be impotent in the face of such a strike, the report said, targeting Israel and US financial and security interests in the Gulf States.
"Iran most probably will accuse Israel [of being] part of the strike and will try to retaliate, either by launching a Ballistic Missile on Israel carrying conventional or WMD (chemical, biological, radiological) and activating Hezbollah to launch cross border attacks against Israel," the report said.
In an apparent reference to the possibility that Israel will act against Iran without American consent, the report also stated that, "The US should alone determine what the timeline could be if Iran does pursue the path to develop nuclear weapons."
None of this is new. Israel would love it if the United States would assume the role of the mature adult and take care of this. The problem is that under Obama, it most likely won't. We have a chance to delay 'for a year or two' now, and hope that sanctions remain in place and Iran is unable to rebuild its nuclear capacity. Or we can let it go now and hope that Hussein Obama does what Sarah Palin said he ought to do last week, and steps up to the plate. Our lives and our country's existence may be at stake. Would you go down without a fight?

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