Islamists Threaten To Exterminate Egypt’s 10 Million Coptic Christians Over Film

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(VladTepes) H/T EDL Buck: From the Inquisitor: Egypt’s 10 million Coptic Christians have been threatened with mass extermination by Islamists in retaliation for the rumored involvement of a Copt in the making of the anti-Islamic film, “Innocence of Muslims.” The film touched off rioting throughout the Muslim world, due to claims that it insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, leading to attacks on several American Embassies, and the murder of the American Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens.
Egypt's 10 Million Copts Face Extermination Over FilmAfter the American flag was torn to shreds at the Cairo Embassy by the enraged mob, the crowds began to focus their anger on the Christian community. Islamist leaders and clerics have fueled their rage by telling the faithful at Friday prayers that the film was made by Copts living in America as part of a deliberate attack on the faith of Muslims. Calls have gone out for the collective punishment of all of Egypt’s Christians. Click to continue:
meanwhile we are arresting Copts in America for daring to exercise their right to express themselves in this genocide. Who cares if the guy was a porn director... who cares? I suppose the feminists and the Christian right who Obama thinks he can manipulate with the word PORN. So get this... they bring a Copt director in for questioning... supposedly cuz he was in danger and then let the goons in the media destroy the guy's reputation. Sound familiar? Sounds like a Seattle Special!

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