Femen March Topless in Muslim Area of Paris. Not brave, STUPID

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...and that is exactly the strawman the Muslims want.They see the alternative to their Jihad to be this. Might be funny to watch as an outsider, but denying gender and sexual orientation didn't work for the US state dept when they said it wouldn't matter and sent Ambassador Stevens. There are real sexual boundaries that have nothing to do with the culture and it is a mistake to think it is unique to any group. This feminist polarity is as bad as Islam. 
(mfs the other news) Femen March Topless in Muslim Area of Paris to Celebrate Boot Camp Opening.HT: TundraTabloids. By Gianluca Mezzofiore.Members of the Femen radical feminist group have paraded topless through Paris to celebrate the opening of their new training centre, aimed at teaching feminists how to evade security forces. The Ukrainian women’s group marched half-naked through a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood in Paris’ 18tharrondissement with messages written on their chests including “Muslim, let’s get naked” and “Our God is a woman”. Among the activists was Inna Schevchenko, who fled to France over the summer after taking a chainsaw to a large wooden crucifix in Kiev to demonstrate her support for Russia’s Pussy riot punk collective. She said the activists wanted to “go to war against patriarchy and dictatorship”. “We’re opening the first international training centre for feminists who want to transform themselves into soldiers,” Shevchenko added. Twenty Femen members marched in high-heeled boots, skin-tight jeans and flower crowns, chanting “liberty” and “nudity”.The boot camp kicks off next week, we’ve all learned. Twenty-nine-year-old Eloise, one of the movement’s coordinators in France, explained the registration process to the free daily Metro: “If you are interested, it’s not complicated. You just have to take off your t-shirt.So, are masses, or even significant numbers, of French women ready to break free from the oppression of their clothing and join the Femen army?If you are ready for those photos now, click hereHmmmm......Ah La Belle France......"Liberté, égalité, fraternité, nudité"Read the full story here.

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