Are the Democrats lost to Israel?

At the end of a lengthy column, in which he argues that while most Israelis would prefer that Mitt Romney win the upcoming US election, if Obama wins we will have to find a way to work with him, Isi Leibler comes up with this:
Irrespective who becomes the next President of the USA, American Jewish leaders must seek to reverse the growing threat from the far left anti-Israeli activists in the Democratic party and reinvigorate the bi-partisan spirit which has been so vital to maintain the strong US-Israel relationship.
Well, yeah, but....
1. Many of those far left anti-Israel activists are Jews.
2. Many of the American Jewish leaders are far left anti-Israel activists.
3. Israel lost most of the Democrats - and particularly the far left Democrats - when the Kibbutz movement all but imploded 20 years ago. The Kibbutzim were the only thing that attracted  the American far left to us, and they won't reconsider their stance unless and until we set ourselves up to be annihilated by putting a 'Palestinian' reichlet in Judea and Samaria.
4. This isn't the job of American Jewish leaders anyway. It's the job of the Israeli government. If we really want to have an impact, then every Jewish leader in the Democratic party who is still salvageable (and someone who works for the Government of Israel should be making the assessment as to who is still salvageable) should be brought to Israel and given the Ariel Sharon - George W. Bush helicopter tour.
Maybe Isi can show them around once we get them here. At least his head is screwed on relatively straight. 

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