Sympathizing With The Arab Agressors on Israeli News, No Way!

I quickly changed channels and not for the first time.  It seems that I'm always changing channels when watching the news nowadays.  At least I have a choice of news channels.  I know it's really a war on here in Israel, because all of the channels are offering war coverage, news, interviews etc.
The problem is that most of the politicians and "experts" we are offered are from the far Left.  I'm really not interested in some Meretz MK or "thinker" telling me that it's our fault because we haven't "made peace" with the Arabs.  And I don't see the point in interviewing some Israeli Arab who has family in Gaza to ask him how he feels about Israeli bombing his sweet loving relatives.  That's especially when he answers claiming that "nobody supports this cruel war" Israel has imposed on the Arabs.
My fingers go hyper clicking looking for something else to watch when our Israeli TV keeps showing Arab demonstrations abroad protesting our self-defense.  I haven't caught any reports of pro-Israel demonstrations or meetings.  I can't believe there haven't been any.  Nu, have there?
On rare occasions there are even some coalition MK's and even ministers, but they are rarely permitted to complete a sentence.  The so-called journalists interviewing them are rude to say the least.  They argue as if they are the experts and the MK's and ministers are just a bunch of idiots.  Well, at least the politicians were elected, which is more than any of those TV people can say for themselves.

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The television news is our internal hasbara, information campaign.  Its job is to keep the public confident and motivated not to encourage sympathy with the enemy nor unwarranted fear.
On occasion they have done well, especially when interviewing Israelis of all ages from the south.  Ordinary people, even kids, seem to have a better grasp of security and the actual situation.  There were some teenagers interviewed who very easily made the tv journalist look scared and ridiculous.  That's a clip that should be repeated over and over.  The younger generation is fantastic.
If you're not in Israel or are but don't have television, then you can access Israeli news here in English and here in Hebrew.  Generally the English news is more pro-Israel and less multi-cultural than the Hebrew.  And of course there are other Israeli news sites.
I needed the rant, sorry and thanks.

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