Hollands Leftist Establishment Tries to Put Geert Wilders Out of Business

by sheikyermami on November 5, 2012
It is alarming that faceless little men in suits have put Geert Wilders lawyer  Bram Moszkowicz, who defended Geert  against the frivolous accusations of ‘hate-speech’ in a Dutch kangaroo court, out of business. Now a leftist ‘think-tank’ , headed by a Rob de Wijk (Can you smell the sulphur? Is that George Soros aftershave?), has been commissioned to launch another attack on Wilders, with the intention to finish him off.
Geert Wilders “a symbol of the inward attitude of the Netherlands”
Wilders is now no longer part of the government: “He was a symbol of the inward attitude of the Netherlands. That problem will blow over if Wilders is gone.”
The enlightened progressives see a problem  with  ”rejecting the Schengen treaty for some Eastern European countries and the tightening of rules for migrant workers from Central and Eastern Europe.”
Much concern also comes from  an unnamed diplomat in Abu Dhabi.
“Alliance with Wilders did hurt the Netherlands’ reputation”
The leftist Dutch News leads the fray.
Sunday 04 November 2012
The previous coalition government, which involved Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam PVV in a supporting role, did have an image problem abroad, civil service documents supplied to website nu.nl show.
Ministers repeatedly said foreign governments understood the relationship between the minority coalition and Wilders and that he was not officially part of government.

However, official papers show ‘time after time’ that diplomats wanted proper instructions on ‘how to avoid reputation damage as much as possible’ – for example, when Wilders published a new book. This often did not work, the documents state.
Rob de Wijk, director of research institute HCCS and an expert on international relations, told the website this should not be a surprise. ‘Wilders’ position was impossible to explain abroad,’ he said.
The problems have not all be solved now Wilders is no longer part of the alliance. ‘He was a symbol of the way the Netherlands had turned in on itself.’ 
Former foreign minister Ben Bot told a television show last month The Netherlands can regain its previous influence in the world if the new government ditches its current ‘surly’ image.
Over the past few years, the Netherlands has become known as the country which opposes everything, he said. ‘Diplomacy with a smile and a soft voice’ will put the Netherlands back on the map, Bot said.
The leftist Amsterdam Herald is delighted and tells us that  some of Moszkowicz’s  clients  have been “pressed into paying cash up front”- imagine that! What’s the world coming to!

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