Female students forbidden from exercising near mosque (Geneva Switzerland)

Oh how quickly we relinquish fundamental freedoms.
H/T to Islam Vs. Europe
Translation by Bear


ANDRÉ-CHAVANNE school. “Their teacher evokes an incident that happened in 2009 to justify her decision” say the parents

In 2009 the students of the school, Andre Chavanne were insulted by the mosque congregation.
Gymnastics teacher of Andre Chavanne school, prevented her students last month from participating in a gym course on the athletics area. The reason? The stadium is close to the mosque of Petit-Saconnex and were insulted by many of the congregation. This explanation shocked the parents.
“I find it inadmissible that my 16 year old daughter cannot go and run in a work-out dress under the pretext that the mosque is found in proximity of the school” says the father of a  16 year old student and the mother of a family says, “why would you want to pour oil on a fire? Our children did not understand the real motivation of their professor. The incident that she evokes is ancient and since then there has been no problems!”
But lets come back to this Friday, the beginning of Oct. this day of prayer. The girls insisted to run outside like the boys. To justify her refusal the teacher reminds them that 2009 a class of girls out equally to run on Friday was insulted… the result from the dept. of public education and from the mosque, the mosque leaders presented their apologies and promised to put everything to work so that no other incidents would reoccur and on it’s site the dept. of public education renounced their complaint.
Now, three years later, it reappears. “It is not a decision of the school but that of an isolated teacher” Patrick Netuschill, wanted to emphasize that fact. “The teacher had planned her course for inside. He details it is true that she argued her refusal by reminding notably what has happened in 2009 and she has the right to do it. Mostly if she estimated that the outdoor activity could put her course in danger. And this at the same title as her refusal to go for example to a museum if her students are rebellious.
On it’s side the direction of the cultural Islamic foundation of Geneva wants to have known “we have not had any knowledge of such events having ever happened. However if that was the case, the position of the mosque and its directors has not changed. We categorically disapprove of the behavior of its congregation including the poor behavior and the incivility that are contrary to the teachings of islam.”

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