Colin Powell: It’s ‘disgraceful’ to play anti-Semitic card against Hagel | Capital J

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(JTA) During his "Meet The Press" appearance over the weekend, Colin Powell ordered Chuck Hagel to write 100 times on a blackboard that there is no Jewish lobby, just an Israel lobby.
But Powell also gave Hagel's critics the paddle for playing the anti-Semitism card:
They [hawks] can make all the criticisms they want. When they go over the edge and say because Chuck said Jewish lobby, he is anti-Semitic, that’s disgraceful. We shouldn’t have that kind of language in our dialogue but they’re fully entitled to their views and I didn’t ever think they would go away and not be heard from again.
Didn't Hagel say Jewish Lobby? Did he apologize for it or dig in his heels? Powell is a supporter of Israel in name only... Just like he is a Republican in name only.

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