New library shows off 1000-year-old Jewish documents from Afghanistan

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( Ancient Jewish documents that were discovered in Afghanistan recently, were put on public display in Israel, according to press reports from Israel.
The National Library of Israel, the current holder of the documents also promised to have all the documents put online in the near future, according to press reports in Israel.
Media_httpts3mmbingne_cozboThe collection of ancient manuscripts, most of them in Hebrew characters were rescued from the caves in a Taliban stronghold in northern Afghanistan, and is providing the first physical evidence of a Jewish community that flourished there for at least a thousand years.
The National Library of Israel Thursday revealed the stash of newly acquired documents that cover the full range of life experiences, including biblical commentaries, personal letters and financial records.
Researchers say the "Afghan Genizah" marks the largest such file found since the "Cairo Genizah" was discovered in an Egyptian synagogue over 100 years ago. The documents comprise a large deposit of medieval manuscripts among the most valuable collections of historical documents found.
Genizah, a Hebrew term that loosely translates as "storage" refers to a storeroom next to a synagogue and a Jewish cemetery for Hebrew-language books and papers. According to Jewish law, it is forbidden to throw away writings containing the formal names of God, so they are buried or stored.

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