the "our forefathers could not have possibly foreseen the destructive potential of future weapons" argument

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(Thinker)At the time of the Revolutionary War, the American long rifle, one of the earliest guns to stabilize a projectile with a rifled bore, had really only come into its own a half century before, although its first use was in the very early 1700s.  Achieving a longer range than the usual infantry-issue musket of the day, the American long rifle was used to harass British troops during their retreat through New Jersey, assured more favorable conditions for the Continental Army during the Battle of Saratoga, and proved decisive during the Battle of Cowpens, when Morgan's Riflemen fired three volleys before the British muskets came within range.  Morgan and his sharpshooters then undertook a planned retreat to another position and fired another three volleys.  By the time Morgan's company joined the main force, the British were disheartened by their losses and inability to respond and quickly fell into retreat.
(But the Americans weren't the only ones inventing and adapting.)

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