#AlQaeda #Syrian #rebels vow to 'liberate' #Golan Heights after defeating #Assad in #Syria

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Western-backed Syrian rebels are vowing to 'liberate' the Golan Heights once they manage to depose Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.
In a video published online, a rebel fighter, filmed against the backdrop of the Golan Heights, said "we are in the occupied Golan Heights, which the traitor Hafez Assad sold to Israel 40 years ago. These lands are blessed and the despicable Assad family promised to liberate them, but for 40 years the Syrian army did not fire a single bullet. We will open a military campaign against Israel. We will fire the bullets that Assad did not and we will liberate the Golan."

The Israel-Syria border has been mostly quiet since 1974.
 Aren't you glad that the West finally decided to support the rebels now that they have been co-opted by al-Qaeda?
Let's go to the videotape.

And did I forget to mention that the Syrian 'refugees' don't hate us any less than they used to either?

In the interview with the Turkish newspaper, Palmor revealed that Israel had coordinated with the Red Cross to send humanitarian aid into Syria, but Israel was told that the refugees refused to receive aid from Israel. Private aid organizations in Israel are already working with Jordan for human assistance to Syrian refugees, Palmor said, adding, "this shows that the Israeli public wants to help Syrians no matter what politics dictates."
Read the whole thing. It looks like we're going to have another border with 'action' really soon. 
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