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When Muslims in Islamic Countries Watch a Lot of Porn, Disasters Occur in Gaza

Muhammad Raed: You talked about freedom. Is this the freedom you would like to lead us to? [In the West], most of the sons and daughters don’t know who their fathers and mothers are.
We want these [Islamic] countries to live a normal life. I know that you are my father and that you are my mother.
Interviewer: I understand we have a report that you did on the screen. Can you explain to us what these statistics mean?
Muhammad Raed: Yes. It’s about the Muslim countries. [The study covered] seven or five years, [and found that] the eight weeks in which people watched the most porn sites were six weeks after we finished Ramadhan, and during the summer holidays.
There were punishments from Allah in our countries during these days. The guy who did this [study] found whole reasons – like what happened to Gaza, in Palestine, on this day, and what happened…
Interviewer: You found a correlation between people watching a lot of pornography, and disasters happening…
Muhammad Raed: Yes. I wondered… It was a video in Arabic: “Gaza and Sin.” I wondered: Oh my God, it’s really like what Allah told us in the Koran – “Corruption has appeared on land and in sea, because of what the hands of men have wrought,” because of what you are doing. He said: “because of what the hands of men have wrought” – to give them a taste of sin, so they will go back to Allah.
Interviewer: I would just like to clarify that presumably, most of this pornography was watched in the other Arab countries, not in Gaza itself. I would just like to make this distinction to show that the Muslim nation is being collectively punished for this sin, but it is not the people in Gaza, who are lucky to get water and food, of course. But it is because of all the actions of the Muslim nation that we can have this kind of extreme disasters. That’s what you are saying.
Muhammad Raed: Yes, it’s a punishment for us. It’s not a punishment for you to see the kids killed and the women raped? It’s a very bad punishment. And it’s not only in Gaza – a lot of accidents happened in Egypt on the same days.
Jews: We likey the porn.

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