Obama 'admin' to export $17.7 bilion worth of wheat to new BFF Morsi.

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Obama 'admin' to export $17.7 bilion worth of wheat to new BFF Morsi.(IMRA).The United States Department of Agriculture has approved wheat exports to Egypt under a credit guarantee program, according to Ashraf Ezz Eddin, head of Egypt's commercial office in Washington.

The announcement marks the first time that Egypt has relied on the US agricultural export program during the current fiscal year. The program GSM 102, issues credit guarantees to encouraging the export of US agricultural products while providing competitive lines of credit for buyers.

The move comes asconcerns rise among creditors over Egypt's ability to meet its commodity needs through traditional methods, such as tenders and letters of guarantee, Ezz Eddin explained, adding that the GSM102 guarantees that 98 percent of the deal's value will be paid off.

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