Tunisian #Femen Activist Missing

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(Fuck your morals)
Islam Versus Europe posted a story about the jihadist hack of the Tunisian Femen site yesterday. This seemed amusing at first, but has taken a sinister turn. One of the girls who posed with naked breasts for the photos on the site, 19-year-old Amina Tyler, has gone missing.
"We fear for her life", write the feminist activists on their Facebook page. The French Femen activists "have tried to contact the young Tunisian, but without success. Her telephone has been switched off." The essayist Caroline Fourest, too, expresses her fears on her Facebook page, discussing the possibility that the young woman had been taken by members of her family. "Someone said they had seen Amina, apparently being taken by her father and her brother, in the course of being interned...", reports the journalist, basing this particularly on a video that she has published on her page.

...Other internet users have posted death threats directed at Amina Tyler. A person who claims to be her aunt also renounced the young girl in a virulent video, according to Libération.
Source: Le Monde
Islam is actually a reaction to the female dominated snake worshipping lunar society that was prevalent in the middle east before Mohammed. The continued dichotomy of extreme gender tyranny between Islam and feminism exists to this day.

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