Double standards define Obama's Demand on Israel

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Daled Amos: Obama Demands Netanyahu Form Coalition, While Abbas In 9th Year of 4 Year Term
The Times of Israel reports ‘Obama will cancel visit if no new Israeli coalition by March 16′:
President Barack Obama will call off his imminent visit to Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not managed to form a new governing coalition by March 16, an Israeli television report claimed on Thursday night.

Obama is due to arrive in Israel on March 20 for a working visit, his first as president. March 16 is the legal deadline for Netanyahu to successfully complete coalition negotiations, or inform Israel’s state president, Shimon Peres, that he has failed to do so.
While one can certainty understand that Obama would want to meet and do business with the newly established official government of the country he is going to visit -- such concerns do not seem arise when Obama meets with "Palestinian" President Abbas

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