Iran:If Russia permits will send boat to Gaza from Caspian Sea

A senior Iranian lawmaker announced that Tehran plans to
change the route for sending humanitarian aids to Gaza after it was obliged
to postpone the dispatch of its first aid ship due to Israel's tighter
restrictions and increased threats against Iranian aid convoys.

Member of the Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission
Mahmoud Ahmadi Biqash told FNA on Sunday that Tehran plans to send its aid
cargo through the Caspian sea in northern Iran, adding that the ship called
"Khazar" would leave Iran's northern port city of Bandar Anzali in the near

"The ship will carry aids from Iran's Red Crescent Society and Imam Khomeini
Relief Foundation, including foods and medicine" for the besieged
Palestinians in Gaza, Biqash added.

ship called Khazar? They really are obsessed the Khazar conspiracy. oh... and the photo is a picture of the Volga Don canal between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Those Russians don't really sound sincere about any sanctions against Iran. How could there be any threat to Iran from Russia when they are being given the water route to make another terrorist attack on Israel?

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