Paul Krugman Laughingstock: Wrong on Israel. Wrong on Finance

Drink yourself  sober.
Wolfgang Franz, who heads the German government’s economic advisory panel known as the Wise Men, tore into Krugman — and the US — in an op-ed in the German business daily Wednesday, titled “How about some facts, Mr. Krugman?”
“Where did the financial crisis begin? Which central bank conducted monetary policy that was too loose? Which country went down the wrong path of social policy by encouraging low income households to take on mortgage loans that they can never pay back? Who in the year 2000 weakened regulations limiting investment bank leverage ratios, let Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 and thereby tipped world financial markets into chaos?” he wrote.
During the Israeli war in Lebanon Krugman made the argument that though Israel was in the moral right to defend itself that it was in fact making it's position worse.
bombing Lebanon isn’t making Israel more secure.
Since 2006 the Northern front of Israel has been relatively quiet.
Apparently Krugman thinks Obama isn't spending enough money?
That has got to be a strong brew he is drinking.

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