The Islamisation of Nigeria comes with a feminist Streak.

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Osama Bin Ladin
more then
any other country,
but they also
seem to have an
odd feminist streak
for a country dealing
with a strong
Islamic presence

"More than six-in-ten (63%)
Muslim men in Nigeria
favor the stoning of people
who commit adultery,
while 36% oppose it;
Muslim women in that country
are evenly divided,
with 49% saying they
favor and the same number
saying they oppose
the stoning of adulterers.
When it comes to the death penalty
for those who leave Islam,
Muslim men in Nigeria
are clearly supportive
(58% favor and 39% oppose),
while a majority
of their female counterparts
(54%) are against the death penalty
for those who
leave the Muslim religion;
44% of Muslim women
in Nigeria favor it.
Finally, while majorities
of Muslim men
and women in Nigeria
favor punishments
like whippings and
cutting off of hands for crimes
like theft and robbery,
men are somewhat
more likely than women
to say they favor these strict measures
(69% of men vs. 61% of women)."
With Jihad underway in Nigeria, how long before it becomes a full Sharia state??
In Nigeria:

"...Muslim men are considerably
more likely than Muslim women
to say gender segregation
should be the law;

57% of Muslim men in Nigeria
favor gender segregation,
compared with 41%
of Muslim women
in that country."

"Nigerian Muslims stand apart as
the only Muslim public surveyed
where views of al Qaeda and
Bin Laden are,
on balance, positive.

About half of Muslims in Nigeria
express favorable views of the extremist group(49%)
and say they have at least some confidence in its leader
(48%), while just 34% offer
negative opinions of al Qaeda
and 40% express little or
no confidence in bin Laden."

one can assume that countries
that go
(a bullshit word I admit)
go fundamentalist
in more then one way.

it is very
obvious from Nigeria:
that the women there
are just as rhetorical as
their Islamic hardline men.

The real solutions
to these wars
will not be resolved
until the
"Leftist Progressives"
realize that they
are part of the problem.

Feminism and Socialism
can be just
as dogmatic
as any other world view...
but I doubt you will
see Gloria Steinem
owe up to that
Explains a few things about feminism:

very odd:

"Among Nigerian Muslims, nearly the same percentage favor making segregation of men and women in the workplace the law in their country (49%) as oppose it (48%)"


sadly the West has proposed the fight vs. Islam to be allied with feminism, but the truth is that feminism is a polarity of a fundamentalist patriarchy

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