Terror victim was a British tourist

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A woman who was killed when a bomb exploded at a crowded bus stop in Jerusalem on Wednesday was British.  The British Embassy said the woman's family in the UK had been informed. Thirty people were also injured by the bomb, which was left in a bag on a pavement near the central bus station.  Jerusalem suffered a spate of bus bombings by Palestinian militants between 2000 and 2004, but attacks had stopped in recent years. The Palestinian PM condemned the bombing.  via bbc.co.uk
The BBC is spinning here. The bombing never stopped!!!!!! ...and the Palestinian PM had to be forced by Obama to condemn the bombing.

The name of the person who was killed in Wednesday's bus bombing has not yet been named. The reason is that she was a tourist - a woman age approximately 60. They have not found her family (they had trouble identifying her) and therefore the name has not been released.
so I ask Obama where is the moral equivalent? 

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