Bomb blast at Jerusalem bus station, many wounded: 1 killed, 31 wounded: Video

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Video from AP:

Today, FOX News’ headline on the attack–since changed in the article, and also on the homepage–claimed this is the “First Terror Attack in Years,which they’ve since changed to “Jerusalem’s First Terror Attack in Years.”  But the first headlines showed complete ignorance.  I guess they forgot about the decapitated baby  and stabbed family in Itamar.  Or the rockets and missiles sent into Israel every day for the last week. Or the repeated rockets shot into Sderot, where poor, working-class Jews live and cannot afford to move out.  Or the daily terrorist attacks you don’t read much about, like the attack on the Jewish woman and her Christian missionary friend as they were hiking in the forest.  There are Islamic terrorist attacks on Israel and its civilians every single day.  You just never hear about it.  And even though FOX News changed the headline, the lying crap remains in the story:

Israel Rescue workers and paramedics treat a person wounded by an explosion at a bus stop in Jerusalem, Wednesday, March 23, 2011. A bomb planted at a telephone booth exploded at a crowded bus stop Wednesday in central Jerusalem, wounding many people in what appeared to be the first militant attack in the city in several years. (AP Photo)
An explosion at a crowded bus stop in central Jerusalem has caused dozens of casualties, police said.
(Telegraph) Scores of ambulances converged on the area, near the central bus station and a city conference hall in a Jewish neighbourhood of Jerusalem.
Around 25 people had been wounded, according to medical sources, 15 of them seriously. No deaths were reported.
Police described the explosion as a "terrorist attack".
The explosion appears to be the first bus bombing in the region in several years and comes amid rising tensions between Hamas militants and Israel.
Update (M&C via DPA):
Jerusalem - A woman injured in a bombing in Jerusalem on Wednesday died of her wounds, Israel Radio reported.
Some 31 people were injured by the bomb, which was placed next to a bus shelter by Jerusalem's convention centre. The bomb exploded as two packed buses were passing.

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