Norwegian hasbara: 'Norwegian warriors do not seek to kill'

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Yesterday state broadcaster NRK published an article on how Norwegian forces in Libya have as their intention not to kill, but merely to knock out Ghadaffi’s military material, such as tanks.
See the original article here. The edited version above is a contribution from a reader (Thanks Michel! ). Here we see the original statement “Norwegian planes have bombed tanks in Libya” struck through and replaced with a similar statement saying “Israeli planes have bombed tanks in Gaza”, with the following statement remaining unchanged: “The intention was not to kill”.
Can you imagine NRK ever publishing a news story like the one above? Of course not.
This incident illustrates how the fundamental attribution error works: When the NRK sees Israel bomb targets in Gaza, NRK assumes it is because Israel is bellicose. When the NRK sees Norway bomb targets in Libya, NRK assumes it is because Norway is noble. Since killing in not particularly noble, Norway is not in Libya to kill but to knock out hostile military targets.
Let us see how NRK covers it next time Israeli planes attack hostile elements in Gaza.

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