The OIC is Islamophobic

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Anyone who truly knows Islam and has the courage to be honest about it, Must confess that Islam its self is guilty of disbelieverophobia this is a simple fact the Qur’an and hadith’s in fact are so full of phobic fear and hatred of disbelief and disbelievers, that they command the utmost evil on those who disbelieve and have persecuted and killed disbelievers sense the very formation of Islam.

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In fact Islam is so phobic and hate filled towards the disbelief that it will even turn on its own, In witch hunts against those accused of disbelief the Qur’an commands horrible dreadful tortures and murder and even the ultimate evil of eternal hell, for those who disbelieve in the right of Muhammad that ancient dead barbarian of olds right to rule the lives of the living.
Muhammad was a horrible man and a brutal tyrant who not only threatened peoples very lives to get his way, But he threatened there eternity as well, insisted they would live for ever but in an agony greater then any could ever comprehend an agony far worse then death could ever be,, , So intense is this phobia of disbelievers and disbelief that Islam waged war against the disbelievers, and called it holy. The Qur’an that hate manual against the disbelievers so filled with phobic hate is praised as Holy by believers {in Islam } everywhere !
Disbelievers have suffered every manor of persecution at the hand of believers because of the disbeliever ophobia preaching in Islam, and yet few are they who dare to stand up for the persecuted disbelievers. In fact one of Islam’s newest ploys Is a new word created solely for the cause of persecution of the disbelievers, The word Islamophobia A word which by definition and a good look at the history of Islam and the words and deeds of Islam today,, Prove the word more readily applies to Muslims then it does the disbelievers! Islamophobia is an irrational fear of Islam, The OIC is the Organization of the Islamic Conference a wealthy and powerful organization of Islamic nations, In constant witch hunts , persecutes those who disbelieve even touts the world Islamophobia like a weapon to be used against any who would defended the dreaded disbelievers .
Yet a close inspection of the OIC will show that they themselves are so phobic of the disbelievers they have become Islamophobic so afraid of the threats there beloved Muhammad made against disbelief that they persecute believers out of witch hunt type fears of those who disbelieve.
Islamophobia irrational fear of Islam, The general secretary of the OIC
Mr. Abdula Manafi Mutualo
Secretary of the Islamophobia Observatory
and Culture and Social Affairs’ Officer
OIC General Secretariat
Madinah Road, P.O. Box 178
Jeddah -21411
Saudi Arabia
Tel: +96626515222 Ext: 1714

Is so Islamophobic and disbelieverophobic That he s from the Islamic nation of Saudi Arabia a land known the world over for its persecution of the disbeliever and its persecution of Shia Muslims as well as other muslims, Yet Mr Abdula Manafi , Is so phobic of Islam that he fears that truth which might offend Islam,
These people are so terrified so phobic of Islam that they fear truth its self if truth might offend Islam, After all with Islam;s history of extreme hatred and violence even threat of eternal damnation ,, Who can blame these people for being such phobics ? Lets fact it there Qur’an its self demands there fear and demands terror as well they can not deny that. In fact every nation in the OIC has been guilty of phobic driven persecution of muslims and disbelievers alike. But the OIC is a very wealthy and powerful tyrant who’s extreme phobia enhanced bias has had it demanding global laws to protect it from any truth which might offend the dreaded Islam…Because they know all to well the evils there Muhammad and there Allah and there Islam are capable of. And they are not unlike other much smaller Islamic groups around the world.. I have often heard the pot calling the kettle black phrase, But Islam’s hypocrisy on this one is far ,far greater then that. So great has the hypocrisy been, That millions have suffered for it. Yet still these cowards dare not hold Islam responsible for its own sins and continue to make scapegoats of innocent men women and children. And they have the money and the power to do it.. But only because we disbelievers have let them get away with it after all disbelievers still out number believers!

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