Court Filings Assert Iran Had Link to 9/11 Attacks -

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they muddle the argument in the NYTimes by making the claim that they have no hard evidence... but the Iran connection would have the equivalent proof if the witness testimony correlated well enough. The question that now needs to be asked is what degree of equivalence do the narratives of these witnesses have?

Imad Mugniyah, the Hezbollah leader killed in 2008, also was accused of a role in 9/11.
Two defectors from Iran's intelligence service have testified that Iranian officials had 'foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks,' according to a court filing Thursday in a federal lawsuit in Manhattan that seeks damages for Iran's 'direct support for, and sponsorship of, the most deadly act of terrorism in American history.'  via
Does anyone remember all those jokes lodged at Republicans for confusing Shi'a and Sunni? Apologies are in order.

One of the defectors also claimed that Iran was involved in planning the attacks, the filing said. The defectors' identities and testimony were not revealed in the filing but were being submitted to a judge under seal, said lawyers who brought the original suit against Iran on behalf of families of dozens of 9/11 victims.

The suit's allegation that Iran had foreknowledge of the attacks is hard to assess fully, given that the defectors' testimony is being filed under seal. The suit contends that Iran and Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant organization with close ties to Tehran, helped Al Qaeda in planning the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and in facilitating the hijackers' training and travel.  After the attacks, the suit contends, Iran and Hezbollah helped Qaeda operatives escape, providing some with a safe haven in Iran.  The question of an Iranian connection to 9/11 was raised by the national 9/11 commission and has long been debated.

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