Syrian rebels asked Israel for help

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(Israel Today) Pro-democracy activists and rebels in Syria recently asked Israel, their nation's worst enemy, to come to their aid, according to an Israeli government official.
Ayoub Kara, the Likud minister for development in the Galilee and Negev regions, told a gathering in Beersheva on Saturday that he had been personally approached by the Syrian protestors.
"The Syrian opposition asked for my help because of my connections," said Kara. "They wanted me to go to the [Israeli] government for help, that we would ask the UN, the US and the EU to go against [Syrian dictator Bashar] Assad."
To Kara's disappointment, the Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu turned down the request, as he did not want Israel to be seen as directly interfering in the internal matters of neighboring Arab states.
If true, Kara's account reveals that even though most Arabs in the region are raised to view Israel as a hateful enemy and the Jews as bloodthirsty monsters, many of them know better.
These Syrians would not be the first Arabs to turn to Israel and the Jews for aid, espeicially when it came to fighting for their freedom.
Most famously, Israel fought alongside the Christians of southern Lebanon against the tyrannical Muslim forces in that country for 15 years. The alliances between the Israeli army and the South Lebanon Army (SLA) was an often ignored aspect of the much-maligned Israeli-controlled southern Lebanon security zone. via

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