Spain to recognize 'Palestine' on the '1967 lines'

Spain has announced that it will recognize the imaginary state of 'Palestine' on the '1967 lines.'
The Palestinian Authority announced on Thursday that Spain has decided to recognize a Palestinian state along the 1967 lines before September. A spanish diplomat told Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath that Spain would support making the state of Palestine a UN member.


PA negotiator Nabil Shaath announced on Monday that Spain was planning to recognize the Palestinian state before September.

Shaath’s announcement came after he met in Ramallah with Spanish Consul-General Alfonso Portable.

Shaath said that the PA was pursuing its efforts to secure additional backing and international recognition for the statehood bid.

He said that the Spanish diplomat stressed that his country would support making the state of Palestine a member of the UN.

Shaath said that he was planning to visit Armenia, Moldavia, the Philippines, Mexico and Columbia to persuade them to support the statehood bid in September.

Of course, Spain has yet to recognize the fact that it ceded the island of Gibraltar to Britain in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht (coat of arms of Gibraltar is above), and it took until 1986 to recognize Israel (Hat Tip: Joshua Trevino via Twitter).

Who says there's no hypocrisy in international relations?

a second Spanish Inquisition?

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