Gene Simmons Video: Obama "Has No F***ing Idea What The World Is Like"

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...the bimbo interviewer is wrong. There is nothing immediate about Shariah law which is full of bureaucracy and code, something that guns are meant to protect us from...
"When you grow up you find out that life isn’t the way you imagined it, and President Obama means well. I think he’s actually a good guy. He has no f***ing idea what the world is like because he doesn’t have to live there," KISS vocalist and guitarist told CNBC.

Gene... Obama is a good guy? Inconsiderate and stubborn with a goal to imposition Jews with their murderers is a good guy?
"The most pathetic body on the face of the planet." Simmons called the U.N. a "paper tiger" that allows dictators to spread propaganda. (H/T NB) ...ok... that was more like it Gene

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