Touchy Touchy Michele Obama Bolts From Poland; leaves without Husband

Why did FLOTUS ignore Poland on this European Trip? Michele Obama traveled back to the US on Friday and did not accompany her husband to Poland as expected Saturday..  Is it because of the goofed pun that Polish President Komorowski said, that was translated poorly? It was in reference to the fidelity of  marriage and a Country in a previous visit to the US.  While the “official” story is that Michelle Obama returned early from the European swing to be with her daughters, suspects there’s another factor at work: She hates President Bronislaw Komorowski. The original story from a conservative Polish newspaper is that President Komorowski made a joke about the First Lady's "fidelity" during his Washington visit
Are we observing  the sensitive side to Michele Obama? This is the link to the incident in question.  via and image via

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