Sarah Palin rides shotgun?

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Can you imagine Obama creating awareness to MIA’s or POW’s on a motorcycle?...yes...I can imagine Obama on a motorcycle...I can imagine him in a Gay Biker bar too. ...not a Palin hater... just want to get that out, but what was with the guy screa ming to people to get out of here? bit rude... and not professional... further he doesn't have a right to do what he did. Palin's support of Israel is great, though she should never of backed a hater like Rand Paul... and that is the source of the problem. She is a person I really want to like, but she surrounds herself with people like this biker guy who needs to be taught a lesson about the Constitution. ...she had better start talking about her relationship with the Paul people and why she sold Israel out for a few nasty Paultard Tea Party trash.  Rolling Thunder” 2011, Black Leather, “loves the smell of emissions" via The Mad Jewess

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