Young Obama Was Abused by Muslims in Indonesia

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Is that kid in the pic above--about to chuck a stick at little Obama? ;-)

Was it the ear thing???
Young Obama endured racial abuse at hands of Muslims in Indonesia. According to a new biography on Barack Obama, not everything was ideal when the young Obama spent time in Indonesia during a portion of his childhood. In a new book by a reporter from the New York Times, young Barack was subjected to apparent episodes of racism that also included physical violence. Indonesia—a predominantly Muslim country—is apparently very racist towards black people, according to the book by Janny Scott. The racism also extended to Indonesian adults making fun of Obama’s skin color when his mother would bring him to work at the US embassy.
The yet-to-be-published book further sheds light on the way that minorities are treated in Muslim countries like Indonesia. Apparently, it was and is a well-known fact that many Muslims in Indonesian are simply racist towards blacks, as confirmed by American Elizabeth Bryant, a woman who was familiar with the young Obama and his mother when they were in Indonesia in the 1960s. According to Bryant, expatriate Westerners were amazed that Obama’s mother—free spirit and likely hippie Ann Dunham—would take a black child with her to Indonesia because of the disrespect that the Muslims there have for blacks.

The racism against blacks that Obama experienced in Indonesia is also a bad reflection on Dunham for not using her judgment better...
LOL!!! Even in this News-- they Can't BLAME THE MUSLIMS -IT WAS HIS MOMMIES FAULT...this is surreal.....*shake head* More below...

What kind of a mother would bring a child that she had good reason to suspect would endure racial abuse to such a country? Let’s review who Dunham was to shed a little more light on this irresponsible parent. She married Obama’s daddy—that would be the womanizer and the alcoholic—only so that he could leave her and little Barack when the future president was two years old. After a divorce, she continued her exploration of the exotic by remarrying Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian she encountered while she was at the University of Hawaii. Dunham would break up with Soetoro, too, and then dump little Barack into the lap of her parents in Hawaii as she continued to pursue her studies elsewhere. Suffice it to say that she refused to provide a stable home for young Barack, to say the least.
In light of this, it makes all the more sense why she could also transplant young Barack halfway around the world to a country whose Muslim population was pretty much racially hateful to her son. I suppose her free-spirit ways just always trumped what was in the best interests of raising her son.
One episode of racial abuse little Barack endured was that Muslim schoolchildren launched rocks at him while calling him racial epithets. I suppose that's just another in the long line of examples of “tolerance” that the “religion of peace” is known for, right? Furthermore, Lolo Soetoro is also supposed to have actually physically abused Dunham, as recounted in the book during an encounter that left Obama’s mother with a towel pressed to her face and blood running from her face.
After Obama’s first-hand experience with racism from the Muslim world, I have to wonder why he, as an adult, is doing everything he can to bend over backwards to appease the Muslims! I guess when he grew into adulthood, he, transforming to become a good, little liberal, conveniently forgot the racism and hostility from the Muslims in Indonesia. And that certainly explains why he’s addicted to always saying “sorry” to the Muslim world for the US’ non-existent transgressions.
I would like Obama to talk publicly about this. Perhaps if he could face his real haters then he would stop the projection he has had on Israel

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