Egypt, Israel agree on Grapel deal

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(Ancho Gosh/AP) - Ilan Grapel, seen here in an Israel hospital in 2006, was arrested in Cairo on June 12 after being accused of spying and has been held without charge since.
(EOZ) From Al Arabiya:
Egypt and Israel said Monday they have finalized arrangements to exchange an alleged Israeli spy for 25 Egyptians held in Israeli jails, on the heels of a Hamas-Israel prisoner swap.
“Egypt has agreed to release Ilan Grapel and at Egypt’s request Israel has agreed to free 25 Egyptian prisoners,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said in a statement.
According to the statement, the Egyptians lined up for release –including three minors – are not security prisoners.
Egypt’s official MENA news agency said the swap is expected to take place “in the next two days.”
The deal is subject to the approval of Israel's 14-member security cabinet which is due to convene on Tuesday, the statement said. But it is highly unlikely to reject the agreement.(The Washington Post)
Ouda Tarabin is still not being discussed.

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