Grand Mufti of Libya: Gaddafi an "infidel," no Islamic funeral

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But Islamic law is swiftly returning to Libya. "Libya - Mufti:'Gaddafi an infidel,no Islamic funeral," from ANSAmed, October 24 (thanks to Insubria):
(ANSAmed) - ROME, OCTOBER 24 - The Grand Mufti of Libya, Assadiq al-Ghiriani, has stated that Colonel Gaddafi was an ''infidel'' and for this reason ''prayers should not be spoken over his body'' in mosques, as is foreseen by Islamic funeral rites, the website of Egyptian daily Al Ahram reports.
According to the Mufti, it is, however, possible to bury the former dictator in a Muslim cemetery, but his body should be washed by family members only: ''the only people who can pray for his soul''. In the view of the Grand Mufti, the mortal remains of Colonel Gaddafi should be buried in an unknown place, in order to avoid fomenting divisions between Libyans by ''making his tomb a place of pilgrimage''.
But a different line of thought dominates at Cairo's Ad Alzhar [sic]: it is ''overdone'' to call Mohammar Gaddafi an atheist and so he should be granted a burial according to Muslim rites in a normal cemetery. It should be ''God who judges him,'' said Abdel Moeti Bayoumi, of the Research Academy of Al Azhar, the most important theological centre of the Sunni creed. (ANSAmed).
they could bury his pal Arafat... or any of the other commies, but not Gaddafi

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