Voice of America promotes that Jew hating sign carrying guy from the occupied Wallstreet protests. (Spin) He is merely against Bankers now.

hey... you remember the way people said those occupied Wall Street people in the videos were just some fringe guys who just happened to show up? well,,, that is kind of funny... the Voice of America (presently Obama's Hippie Propoganda Machine) showed the same guy as merely being against bankers. So before these leftists and progressives were saying he was merely the exception to the rule... and now CAIR and other Muslim groups are working with our present left wing government to white wash the guy who... was one of their people. ...any hippies that voted for Obama should make a note what our tax dollars are being used to cover up. We all saw the same guy on the internet before... one of those guys that did not supposedly represent the OWS movement.

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